Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Global Warming - A Planned Tool Of Manipulation

When will we learn?

The government and other powerful manipulators want us to believe global warming is a problem and that this problem is caused by man. They also want us to believe that all scientists support this position. That is an outright lie.

Thousands of scientists have attempted to make their positions known, but what they say is rewritten by bureaucrats in official reports, is suppressed or unpublished.

We should be asking: Who has that kind of power and how did they get it?

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Rick McQueen said...

I have seen reports that I cannot substantiate that this bill was presented for a vote without a final copy of the bill at the desk. If that is true, it further magnifies that this was a calculated, strategic attempt at something far more sinister than just a climate bill - this is all about power. I would love to see someone stand up and refuse to vote on ANY proposed legislation they have not had ample time to review. Steal, kill, and destroy - sound familiar?