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QAnon's Laser Focus in the Information Age

Below I have written a few comments for context followed by chapter 6.3 Information Age from Know Stealing.

A growing number of people are familiar with #QAnon, which purports to be a small group of high clearance people in powerful positions who have rejected certain evil actions of members of an elite class who presently hold great power, sufficient to be above the law.

It should no longer be doubtful that there is an elite class that transcends national governments, otherwise global markets could not be shuttered so uniformly in such a short period of time, especially when the issue appears to be much more so a manipulation of data than a contagion. In addition, other facets of a known agenda which are being advanced globally suggest there is a plan for which the plandemic is a pretext.

The context for this post is multifaceted.

First, Q seems to have inside information, and the potential ability to follow through on certain kinds of warfare and cleanup that would conceivably be necessary to prevent powerful people from engaging in the drug trade, human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia, and propagation of lies that lead to other harms via water supplies, vaccines, and other effective sources.

Second, we don't yet know whether this Q group is really a "white hat" or just masquerading as such. As I recall, in his book Diplomacy Henry Kissinger wrote about something he called "Foreign Availability"  (I will refer to this as HK-FA.) His example was about China and computers, but the logic can be mapped to information. The idea is that an infiltrator or adversary must agree with everything that a target already knows, even if the knowledge is harmful to the adversary's goals. Having gained credibility, and being established inside the target, the adversary is able to redirect, misdirect, reclassify, and otherwise hinder the target's understanding and actions. This notion is also sometimes referred to as "controlled opposition."

Third, as noted above, Q seems to potentially have the advantage of inside information, authority, and power. This is significant and any competing effort that has not these things would require substitutes, which do exist.

Fourth, if Q is found to be advancing deception to suppress liberty minded people during this massive global transition, then I want to call on those who are hoping for the best from this entity to actually do what Q has been claiming to do.  This is achievable and the foundation for success is found in part in the pages of the book Know Stealing.

I refer now to the key concept in this post, which is the point of a chapter from Know Stealing.  Q has, in essence, used aggregated power and potentially inside knowledge to achieve what this chapter states is necessary to effect change in this age.

6.3 Information Age

The PEN and the PRESS

Young Genius walked out by the mountain and streams,
Entranced by the power of his own pleasant
dreams, Till the silent – the wayward – the wandering thing
Found a plume that had fallen from a passing bird's wing,
Exulting and proud, like a boy at his play,
He bore the new prize to his dwelling away,
He gazed for a while on its beauties, and then
He cut it, and shaped it, and called it – a PEN.

But its magical use he discovered not yet,
Till he dipp'd its bright lips in a fountain of jet;
And O! What a glorious thing it became,
For it spoke to the world in a language of flame;
While its master wrote on, like a being inspired,
Till the hearts of the millions were melted or fired; -
It came as a boon and a blessing to men,
The peaceful – the pure – the victorious PEN!

Young Genius went forth on his rambles once more,
The vast sunless caverns of earth to explore!
He searched the rude rock, and with rapture he found
A substance unknown, which he brought from the ground;
He fused it with fire, and rejoiced in the change,
As he molded the ore into characters strange,
Till his thoughts and his efforts were crown'd with success;
For an engine uprose, and he call'd it – the PRESS.

The Pen and the Press, blest alliance!  combin'd
To soften the heart and enlighten the mind;
For that to the treasures of knowledge gave birth,
And this sent them forth to the ends of the earth;
Their battles for truth were triumphant indeed,
And the rod of the tyrant was snapp'd like a reed;
They were made to exalt us – to teach us to bless
Those invincible brothers – the PEN and the PRESS

Edmund  Burke  (1729-1797)  was  an  Irish  elected  official  serving  in  the  British  House  of Commons. Burke became an influential thought leader by writing broadly into an information vacuum. At a time when people were usually left in the dark, Burke published speeches and other writings which informed the people about certain actions of government. For example, Burke was a vocal supporter of the cause of the American Revolutionaries.

Edmund Burke published papers where there were none, and the people received vital information that was otherwise unavailable.

Today we have just the opposite problem. We live in the information age where people are flooded with information. The result is that people are unable to receive vital information because it is lost in a flood of trivial information.

In the days of Edmund Burke the ruling class simply agreed together to be silent. Today the ruling class controls information in part by flooding us with entertainment, propaganda, trivia, misguided teaching and worthless news.

Today the task of conveying true and useful information involves much more than simply publishing it.

The first great challenge in the information age is to find the ancient paths and foundational truth which are buried under the rubble of institutions, education, propaganda and entertainment. The second great task is to  focus  foundational  knowledge  like  a  laser  which  will  penetrate the  barrier  of  trivia,  entertainment  and diversion, so that people may again receive vital information that is otherwise lost.

Fortunately,  wisdom,  knowledge  and  understanding  are  capable  of  filtering  out  most  of  the  noise, propaganda and lies which flood our information, entertainment and education systems. Liberty will never have a louder voice, brighter colors or a bigger foot print than the institutional media, but liberty can take away their audience by education. The more one learns about the history and nature of systems of plunder, the dumber the media and pundits look.

“Buy  truth,  and  do  not  sell  it,  Get  wisdom  and  instruction  and  understanding.”  (Proverbs  23:23, NASB95)

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