Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's In It For Me?

I spent fifteen years working to understand what was happening to us as a state and nation. As a part of that process, I asked those who should have known, but they had few answers and little understanding. It turns out we live in a system that certifies, recognizes and awards people who are unwitting parrots. These are often very nice people with good intentions...

I also spent time learning how to teach others. Teaching others is an extremely challenging task because the truth is so contrary to what people are conditioned to believe. Not only are the ideas contrary, but there is a chain of events that must be followed in order to understand what is happening to our once free society.

I wrote and organized Know Stealing as a package of all the best examples and ideas I discovered in communicating the truth about what our generation is facing. If one aspect of the story doesn't resonate with you, perhaps another will. Nearly anyone who will take time to read the book will learn profitable things that are not commonly known.

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