Monday, January 30, 2012

Breakthrough, Must-read Work - Key to America's Future

"Shane Coley's Know Stealing is a breakthrough, must-read work which uncovers hidden causes of America's "boom and bust" economic cycles, as well as generational economic and societal decay.

Know Stealing provides keys to how "We the People" will be able to save America from the brink, while creating a solid, stable foundation of both individual behavior and just government, resulting in economic and individual prosperity.

Shane clearly, factually, and meticulously demonstrates how our costless fiat money system, along with other systems of state control, such as energy policy, media, regulation, and taxation, are designed to pillage America's citizens and the broader economy, leading to certain tyranny and destruction.

Know Stealing reminds us that stealing violates the 8th Commandment, and that, as a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, we must confront stealing head on and return our financial and governmental systems to an honorable, Constitutional, truth-based foundation before we will ever be able to avoid financial catastrophes, let alone ensure America's liberties, freedoms, and prosperity are maintained into the future.

I highly recommend Know Stealing as a foundational work for those involved in economic, industrial, academic, religious, and public policy, and essentially for all who desire to restore America to her foundational roots and greatness."
David M Chaney

President and Founder

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