Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bastiat & Hazlitt

"If you liked The Law by Bastiat and Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt then you will like this book. A book that explores the keys to understanding the way the world works - what money is- How we are stolen from by government and the way back to liberty." ~ John Barbour on Goodreads.com
I am honored to be mentioned in the context of Frederic Bastiat and Henry Hazlitt. I  hope to have occasion to meet Mr. Barbour someday and thank him in person for such kind words.

The Law and Economics In One Lesson are classics in the top of their categories and I highly recommend them. In fact, a friend and I gave away hundreds of copies of The Law during my 2010 Georgia State Senate campaign.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Know Stealing - Review

"Armed with wisdom, knowledge and an aptitude for teaching, Shane Coley skillfully disperses the fog of economic, political and moral complexities which tend to make our nation's problems seem insurmountable. Shane brings to light long ignored principles which must be understood if we are to have any chance of restoring the liberty, peace and prosperity which our country enjoyed in former times. Information contained in this excellent work is invaluable."~ Linda Morrow

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truth, Reason, and Inspiration

"Lies take decades, truth takes a minute." This is a wonderful quote from the book that is indicative of the read. When truth is presented clearly, especially when accompanied by an unobstructed chain of reason, it resonates instantly and last forever. Truth transcends all nationalites, races, cultures, and any other social, economic, or political segment in our world system. All of the subjects presented in Know Stealing qualify as truth based on this merit.
Since wisdom and understanding are more valuable than the treasures of the earth, it no coincidence that after reading Know Stealing we are left with a feeling of enrichment in one of its purest forms. Shane Coley's productive efforts in uncovering this nearly hidden insight and his willingness to compile it in such a way that is simple to understand is a testament the author's diligence, patience, and grace. The parables are great additions to expound the knowledge presented. The content is layered from start to finish to savory perfection. Know Stealing is a baklava of wisdom. 
If read purely as a study of economics, it rivals some of the best books ever written on the subject and should be required reading in economics classes worldwide. 
Most readers will be left with a rekindling of purpose and will to be a part of the solution. Real liberty results from exposure to truth, however with liberty is responsibility of action. Know Stealing has the ability to inspire the leadership that will be necessary to right the wrong that has our nation and our world in disarray.

Know Stealing should be in everyone's library and should be discussed an taught regularly in our homes, churches, schools, and businesses." ~ Cody Murray

Monday, December 19, 2011


"Shane Coley has succeeded in methodically correcting the most dangerous errors modern American society has in understanding economics, politics, government & Christian theology. A 15 year project with more to show for it than most entire lives. Transformational!"

Jimmy Norman
Executive Director
Georgians For Constitutional Government

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Read This Book

"If you are wondering where we have gone wrong as a country, then read this book. Shane Coley does a great job of getting to the very core of the problem. The media and talking heads we hear every day are so fixated on the symptoms that we forget to search for the root cause. This book peels the onion back layer by layer and explains in detail where the problem is. This book is a MUST read for anyone interested in restoring individual liberty in America!" ~ Clay Ortiz

Friday, December 9, 2011

Do you KnoW Stealing??

Rick McQueen has written a review of Know Stealing. It can be found here:

"I am forced to say that in all my years of formal education, I had never learned of the Austrian School of Economics.  All of those good 1970 era dollars spent in vain sitting in micro and macro economic classes, principles and theory of banking, all culminating in a degree in accounting and I never heard of Ludwig Von Mises until I met Shane." ~ Rick McQueen

"Complete with charts and illustrations, readers are led on a journey to rediscover the elementary fact that words have meanings, or, more specifically, accurate meanings!  I was pleasantly surprised that even a old goat like me could still discover some words with a nuanced meaning a little different than what I had thought.  Who knew??  Once the foundational understandings of the key words are in place, topics are explored to weave together the knowledge that will allow you to KnoW Stealing. "  ~ Rick McQueen

Monday, December 5, 2011

Know Stealing

Know Stealing is the culmination of 15 years of research and 5 years of writing, learning more, digging deeper, throwing material away and writing again, always searching for the root causes of our problems as a state and nation.

Know Stealing begins:

"A people or nation that does not understand liberty cannot defend it." 

"I work late and rise early thinking about liberty, production and the nature of things. The stakes are high. Your time is valuable. Please permit me to be direct. We have been deceived, and I know how it was done.
The reader with an open mind, who actively questions everything, including the ideas recorded here, will get the most out of Know Stealing. When you reach the last page, it is my hope that you will have demanded, and that I will have delivered, solid arguments capable of standing under scrutiny and pressure."

Following are a few other excerpts from the introduction:

"... My single objective is to share the very best of what I've learned with those who are willing to open their minds and think, in order to understand how to restore and preserve our great nation as a land of liberty and production. I welcome all challenges with regard to these ideas."

"... The material in this book is powerful. It will teach a bold middle school student all that is necessary to debate and defeat a formally educated economist or an experienced politician. Imagine a magnificent skyscraper that is built on a lie. If a person, even a child, can show that the foundation is a lie, then the whole building has to be an illusion. Many things we believe are true are no more than illusions. Children who study the ideas presented in this book will have a better understanding of the world we live in than most successful and formally educated adults."

"... One of my challenges is to explain where we are wrong in our thinking without unnecessarily offending people. At the same time, I would debate any citizen, businessman, pastor, professor, teacher, leader, political activist, elected official or journalist on these ideas at any time, in any place. The bottom line is that our thinking is extremely mixed up and, in many important areas, just flat out wrong. The errors in our thinking and understanding are costing us our liberty, our homes, our jobs, our retirements and our children's future."

"... Liberty and prosperity are always at stake in every nation for every generation. Eventually bad decisions in the past force a generation to come to terms with the truth about what is necessary to sustain a free society. We are one of those generations. In our case, we can no longer naively depend on past production, new land, old-style immigration, industrialization, available cheap energy and paper wealth to maintain our standard of living."


Know Stealing will shatter preconceived notions and replace them with clear and precise knowledge which is capable of driving restoration in our American Republic in particular, and modern civilization in general. Clearly the preceding statement is bold, but it will hold up under honest critical review. 

With wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage and commitment, we can right the ship and restore prosperity in the United States in a matter of months. The same is true in any society that will genuinely defend individual life, liberty and property.

One of the principle goals of the book is to enable more people to Know Stealing, so that we can enforce a policy of No Stealing. Theft that goes undetected will never be stopped.

Know Stealing at Amazon.com