Friday, December 9, 2011

Do you KnoW Stealing??

Rick McQueen has written a review of Know Stealing. It can be found here:

"I am forced to say that in all my years of formal education, I had never learned of the Austrian School of Economics.  All of those good 1970 era dollars spent in vain sitting in micro and macro economic classes, principles and theory of banking, all culminating in a degree in accounting and I never heard of Ludwig Von Mises until I met Shane." ~ Rick McQueen

"Complete with charts and illustrations, readers are led on a journey to rediscover the elementary fact that words have meanings, or, more specifically, accurate meanings!  I was pleasantly surprised that even a old goat like me could still discover some words with a nuanced meaning a little different than what I had thought.  Who knew??  Once the foundational understandings of the key words are in place, topics are explored to weave together the knowledge that will allow you to KnoW Stealing. "  ~ Rick McQueen

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