Monday, January 30, 2012

Breakthrough, Must-read Work - Key to America's Future

"Shane Coley's Know Stealing is a breakthrough, must-read work which uncovers hidden causes of America's "boom and bust" economic cycles, as well as generational economic and societal decay.

Know Stealing provides keys to how "We the People" will be able to save America from the brink, while creating a solid, stable foundation of both individual behavior and just government, resulting in economic and individual prosperity.

Shane clearly, factually, and meticulously demonstrates how our costless fiat money system, along with other systems of state control, such as energy policy, media, regulation, and taxation, are designed to pillage America's citizens and the broader economy, leading to certain tyranny and destruction.

Know Stealing reminds us that stealing violates the 8th Commandment, and that, as a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, we must confront stealing head on and return our financial and governmental systems to an honorable, Constitutional, truth-based foundation before we will ever be able to avoid financial catastrophes, let alone ensure America's liberties, freedoms, and prosperity are maintained into the future.

I highly recommend Know Stealing as a foundational work for those involved in economic, industrial, academic, religious, and public policy, and essentially for all who desire to restore America to her foundational roots and greatness."
David M Chaney

President and Founder

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Friday, January 27, 2012

John Feezell Foreword to Know Stealing


Since our first meeting in 2005 I have enjoyed engaging in conversations with Shane regarding many of the ideas presented in Know Stealing. It has been exciting to watch him shape and refine them. Reading this book has given me the opportunity to consider again, in an integrated and comprehensive way, many of the ideas we explored in conversation.

The author’s productive work presented here is scholarly and of the highest quality. More importantly, the ideas presented here have been refined in the crucible of passion. The author's passion for discovering, understanding, and sharing the truth about money sets this book apart from many others which deal with the same subject. Truth seekers who read and study the ideas and arguments captured in these pages will not be disappointed.

Money is one of the most pervasive ingredients in modern life. At the same time, money is one of the most misunderstood concepts of modern life. Definitions and discussions of macroeconomics and "money and banking" are common in academic textbooks. These are also common topics of discussion among businesses and individuals. The media always has coverage that is somehow linked to money. Yet these definitions and discussions rarely explore the reality of what is commonly called money. Without precise definitions and an objective study of ‘true money,’ those who control the definition and exchange of money will exploit those who do not. Theft is the inevitable result. The facts and rigorous analysis of the concept of money presented herein can inform and undergird policy alternatives aimed at preventing such theft.

One may find passionate, thorough, and carefully reasoned discussions on a number of critical ideas in Know Stealing. Beginning with the important idea of money, Shane then considers the essential ideas of power, authority, production and more, as pieces of a grand puzzle. These concepts are grounded in biblical truth and an honest study of history, rather than the all-to-common intellectual fabrication of those formally trained in the study of economics or politics. At a minimum, this book will challenge the reader to clarify his or her understanding of these important concepts. At a maximum, this book will spark a passion which will motivate the reader to seek out and support policy alternatives aimed at preventing the current broad-scale theft arising from what is loosely called 'money' today. I strongly encourage you to - Know Stealing.

John Feezell, PhD.
Professor of Economics
School of Business
LeTourneau University

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Modern "The Law"

Reminds me of a modern "The Law" by Frédéric Bastiat, or a Cliff Notes version of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". Should be required reading in any Civics/Government or Economics class. I didn't even finish the free sample before ordering the full version for my Kindle. But the author has got to get this in versions other than Kindle so as to get it to the masses. ~ Shamalama
Thank you for the kind and encouraging words.

I am pleased to report that the print version is scheduled to be available in February.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simplifies Complex Subjects

Is stealing wrong? It depends, I guess, as we U.S. citizens participate in a system hourly that is specifically designed to steal the savings of every one of us. How many of us can actually identify what stealing is - apparently those of us on the shaft end can't, or do know and don't know how to stop it.
"Know Stealing" should be passed along to every library, school, neighbor, pastor, family member, and friend - this book may just open their eyes, give them hope, and save our children. Bastiat's "The Law" has been my #1 book to gift, but not everybody "gets it" who gets it - Shane Coley's book will now be #1 to gift, and is much simpler to understand. Bastiat would be the next logical step, but people have to be able to identify that there IS a problem - "Know Stealing" provides the simple examples, historical perspectives, and easy analogies to awaken the slumbering populace.
Seriously, buy this book, and pick up a couple for others. I agree that a physical, as opposed to electronic, book would be easier to loan and disseminate, but the price of this Kindle edition makes it extremely affordable.

Many thanks to this author for another tool in the patriot toolbox! ~Valerie James
I continue being humbled and amazed. Thank you Valerie for these kind and encouraging words.

I am pleased to report that the print version is scheduled to be available in February.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Know Stealing - Concepts More Easily Passed On

In response to the review, "I'd buy a copy for all my friends if they had Kindles" from Luke Albers, Valerie James wrote: 
"I was just thinking the same thing after reading Know Stealing this morning. Previously, I was familiar with sound money principles, but have had a difficult time 'translating' these concepts to my friends and family. Thank you for writing in a simple manner, with straight-forward analogies that can be more easily passed on." ~ Valerie James
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Know Stealing - Tackles A Daunting Task

"Rarely does a book not only challenge, but revolutionize the manner in which you view the world. Upon finishing such works, it’s as if you’ve been given a lens so as to better identify the functions of society that are right in front of you, but have been too small to see. Frederic Bastiat’s classic, The Law comes to mind. Know Stealing is one such book. Shane Coley takes on the daunting task of explaining some of the most complex issues facing our world today and succeeds with a concise and astute brilliance. His solution, rooted in historical, economical and Biblical foundations is a single rule: No Stealing. His insights on the significance and protection of life, liberty and property are desperately needed and a pleasure to read." ~ Drew Martin,  Columnist,

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Know Stealing Methodically Unravels Centuries Of Deceit

"Rarely is the written work able to methodically unravel centuries of deceit and to lay the thieving emperor bare for all to see. Know Stealing accomplishes this and more, offering a necessary corrective to the theft at the root of modern society. Such is the power of truth simply stated. Arm yourself with the ideas herein to become a true defender of liberty." ~ Christopher David, Candidate for Congress [CA-33]
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Bastiat Foreword to Know Stealing?

"If Know Stealing were written in the 1840s philosopher, economist, and author Frederic Bastiat would be the perfect person to write the foreword. This book is excellent reading for anyone from the high school student to the would be politician.  If this book were required reading in high schools, we could restore our Nation in a matter of a generation or less." ~ Walt Holton
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'd buy a copy for all my friends if they owned kindles

"Lots of ideas in this book that I have had in my head for a while but don't have the skill to convey to others the way Mr. Coley does (and there's plenty here I hadn't thought of or didn't really understand too). As a previous reviewer stated, this book does an excellent job of getting to the core of our problems, and leaves me hopeful they can be solved." ~ Luke Albers (rockerZ71)

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Know Stealing - A Must Read

"One piece of the puzzle at a time, Shane Coley gets to the root of the problems we face as a country, as a church, and as individuals. Know Stealing will challenge the way you think about terms and concepts such as money, production, law, and authority that you see and use everyday, but are the fundamental building blocks which our society needs to understand in order to 'know stealing' and in turn have a nation of 'no stealing.'" ~ Chris Oliver

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

FREE eBook - Know Stealing

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