Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simplifies Complex Subjects

Is stealing wrong? It depends, I guess, as we U.S. citizens participate in a system hourly that is specifically designed to steal the savings of every one of us. How many of us can actually identify what stealing is - apparently those of us on the shaft end can't, or do know and don't know how to stop it.
"Know Stealing" should be passed along to every library, school, neighbor, pastor, family member, and friend - this book may just open their eyes, give them hope, and save our children. Bastiat's "The Law" has been my #1 book to gift, but not everybody "gets it" who gets it - Shane Coley's book will now be #1 to gift, and is much simpler to understand. Bastiat would be the next logical step, but people have to be able to identify that there IS a problem - "Know Stealing" provides the simple examples, historical perspectives, and easy analogies to awaken the slumbering populace.
Seriously, buy this book, and pick up a couple for others. I agree that a physical, as opposed to electronic, book would be easier to loan and disseminate, but the price of this Kindle edition makes it extremely affordable.

Many thanks to this author for another tool in the patriot toolbox! ~Valerie James
I continue being humbled and amazed. Thank you Valerie for these kind and encouraging words.

I am pleased to report that the print version is scheduled to be available in February.

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