Monday, January 23, 2012

Know Stealing - Tackles A Daunting Task

"Rarely does a book not only challenge, but revolutionize the manner in which you view the world. Upon finishing such works, it’s as if you’ve been given a lens so as to better identify the functions of society that are right in front of you, but have been too small to see. Frederic Bastiat’s classic, The Law comes to mind. Know Stealing is one such book. Shane Coley takes on the daunting task of explaining some of the most complex issues facing our world today and succeeds with a concise and astute brilliance. His solution, rooted in historical, economical and Biblical foundations is a single rule: No Stealing. His insights on the significance and protection of life, liberty and property are desperately needed and a pleasure to read." ~ Drew Martin,  Columnist,

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