Thursday, December 31, 2009

Offended By Silence

Who else is OFFENDED that our leaders are either uninformed about the basic principles of government and production or that they are informed and refuse to stand and fulfill their oath of office?

When we talk about "getting things done" in politics, what do we mean? Are we describing someone who is able to maneuver and succeed in reaching a compromise?

That approach rewards the politician, not the people.

He or she may be rewarded, but as long as we retain the system that confiscates property and reduces production, the people lose.

Our founders warned us about this. Yet we sleep.

As long as the system is allowed to grow, seizing more power and crushing more liberty each year, the politicians are doing our state and citizens no good.

We all know government power and waste increase continually. And we all watch as our agriculture and industry disappear.

Leaders must quit claiming victory when we slow this train down, as it heads for the wall. We have to STOP it.

Some may say that the people will not cooperate and support those in office. I think that is true today, but there are two problems.

First, what the people do or don't do is no excuse for leaders to be ignorant or silent.

Second, we don't know what the people would do if they had leaders bold enough to lead and to teach about the root causes of the problems we face. We should not be surprised when people get tired of trying to solve visible effects rather than root causes.

Think about it:

We ask our soldiers to risk their lives and limbs.

Some of our politicians may sometimes consider risking a little bit of their "political capital".


Yes, I am offended.

Thank You For A Great Start!

I want to thank each of you who have shared your resources with me as I work to win a senate seat here in Georgia. I will be another voice of reason and courage in our state legislature.

There are good men and women who serve in our state government, but we must do more. We are facing real problems in Georgia. Someone must set the example by plainly speaking about these problems.

We have no more time for political games and leaders who refuse to take risks. I am looking forward to the days when I am able to cross swords with those who oppose plain truth. These people are stealing my children's future. And yours.

I have studied history, economics and other topics for well over a decade because I care deeply about our country. I have learned that we are being attacked from within by subversive forces whose power comes from our own labor, property and production. This is true. I will gladly debate anyone on the subject, any time and any place.

Beyond sending out letters and a few electronic messages, I have been reluctant to ask for campaign funds. The whole process troubles me. The only way I can be satisfied that a contribution is worthwhile is this:

The money we spend has been used, and will be used, to spread a message to the people in the 47th District, and beyond, which can secure our liberty and restore prosperity in our land. I have learned the truth about how our nation is being dismantled and I want to share this with my fellow citizens and legislators. I also want to argue for our liberty and prosperity on the floor of the senate and from the platform afforded a senator.

If this were a business, you might say I have a great product for sale:

The keys to restore liberty and prosperity.

I welcome the support of all who will help spread this message, whether by learning and teaching, directing people to our websites or helping pay the bills.

Thank you to all who have pitched in with time, talent or money. I am blessed, humbled and encouraged by the support.

I want to say a special public thank you to Mike and April Brown. Mike is in Afghanistan serving at the call of our nation. April is home taking care of four beautiful children. Together they share a strong faith in Jesus Christ. They have contributed regularly to this campaign and I am reminded each time how we abuse our military men and women and their families when we refuse to do all we can to defend liberty here at home.

I encourage you to join Mike and April in the fight for liberty. The Mike and April Brown's in our state should not have to spend themselves fighting abroad only to be left to do the same thing over again here at home.

We have already spent more than $18,000 in the campaign. If you want to join us, contributions before December 31 are a big help.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Job Creation - Open Letter - Senate Press

Dear Senator Pearson,

I like your Senate Press article today and I appreciate your service, first in your role as a Producer and then as a senator.

You wrote: “Raising taxes is no way to stimulate the economy in a downturn.”

I would expand the thought to say: “taxes are no way to stimulate the economy ever.”

Government intervention always reduces production. Prosperity follows production.

Reduced production equals reduced prosperity.

The factors that are undermining our ability to produce are systemic. We must find ways to reestablish genuine production in Georgia; our state and our home. This must include finding ways to insulate our production and population from the devaluation of the dollar.

We will be wise to begin by keeping all the dollars we possibly can in Georgia in the hands of the citizens, while encouraging the use of precious metals in indirect exchange. We should pass legislation that keeps Federal taxes remittances in Georgia, to be paid to the Federal government for the value of services it provides, which are in the proper purview of the Federal government, after adjusting for inflation of the money supply.

Let the government and those it favors suffer the consequences of inflation for a change, instead of the people.

The rights of sovereign states will not be enjoyed unless we actively claim those rights as people of strength, courage and conviction. We must take back what has been taken away, while we still have a little strength left.

Mainstream academic thought would consider this a foolish approach, but the mainstream academic thought on the subject of economics is laughable, so we should not expect mainstream thinkers to understand. Or if they do, they are thieves and cowards for advocating for the Keynesian style economic system that is designed to destroy capitalism, and therefore to destroy liberty.

Keynes wrote the following in 1919:

“Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some… Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”

When one can logically and mathematically understand and illustrate that a particular system serves the purpose of illicit wealth transfer, which is accomplished via the use of differing weights and measures, one can judge that system to be morally wrong. Our American system fits that description.

When one reviews history, one discovers that these market interventions via currency debasement are always seeds of greater oppression that lead to collapse of the productive capacity of a nation, and eventually the collapse of the nation.

When one considers that people eat food and use things, one may notice that for a nation to prosper, it must produce.

In addition to producing the things which constitute necessities, a nation must produce things valued by other people and nations if it hopes to continue trading with producers in the future. Producers exchange with producers.

Exporting inflation and selling debt to finance US purchases of foreign production is not a sustainable system. When our dollars lose their decreed value, if we are not producing, we will not be able to care for ourselves, and we will have nothing to exchange with producers for what we need.

Senator Pearson, I thank you for your service. I hope to have the opportunity to help you and others shrink government and restore production in the state of Georgia, leading the way for the same unified outcome in other states.

We need strong liberty warriors who step up to the battle line with fire in their eyes and their belly because they understand that we have been had, duped, abused, pillaged…

We have allowed a system of theft and control of production to sap the strength from our people, state and nation. We should be ashamed and angry. This is war, whether we acknowledge it as such or not. Just ask the ex-farmer, ex-textile owner or great American worker who is losing purchasing power and property daily.

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." ~ Thomas Jefferson

The American system rips our production, property, savings, investments and retirement from our weathered and worn hands, a little bit more everyday.

Productivity retained in the hands of producers is the solution.

Georgia Senators: Know the truth. Stand. Cross the battle line. Restore liberty and prosperity in Georgia.


Shane Coley
47th District Senate Candidate
Real Solutions for Real Life

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Defining Production

I was challenged by a friend today to define PRODUCTION versus NON-PRODUCTION. It is an interesting question to answer concisely. There are intertwined value systems which must be touched on in order to reasonably define the concept.

First, we must recognize that Production necessarily involves subjective valuation of output. However, any attempt to define Production in terms of value would require innumerable variables and conditions presented with regard a specific individual. Even then, the individual would need to guess the value he would assign.

Therefore, we have no basis to define or classify Production versus Non-production in terms of value, since value is conditional and subjective. We will, however, touch on the concept of gain versus loss to round out the categories.

Production results from employing your resources to satisfy the needs or wants of yourself or others.

Non-production results from employing someone else’s resources to satisfy the needs or wants of yourself or others.

Note: For additional insight, please review the articles about costless money and wealth transfer.


For example, if a person uses their time to operate an employer’s machine to achieve a certain output, this is productive on the part of both owners. The employee owns his time and the employer owns the machine.

If this activity results in gain, then capital increases. If this activity results in loss, then capital is diminished.

If the owner of capital can afford to continue the activity, and chooses to do so even while generating losses, then production is still occurring and the activity is subjectively worth the cost to the owner of capital.

This subjective value judgment may never change, even if the owner depletes all capital and is forced to cease the activity.

On the other hand, the owner of capital may cease the activity by choice before losing all his capital.

Thus, Production may result in gain or loss, but if loss, the loss will be limited by the capital of the owner.


Non-production is the act of consuming resources to which the consumer has no right.

In order to own a resource, it must be received as a gift, be homesteaded, or be produced.

The only other method of acquiring property is theft.

Therefore, if property one claims ownership to came into one’s possession by theft, fraud, coercion or force, then to the extent that one’s production is dependent on that property, one is a Non-producer.

Suppose 30% of my output (or my receipts which can be exchanged for real property), owes its existence to property which was NOT homesteaded, received as a gift or produced. In that case, I am 30% Non-producer and 100% thief, since being a thief is not a graduated attribute.

Thus, Non-production may result in gain or loss, but if loss, the loss will NOT be limited by the current capital of the owner. The Non-producer will use the system to gain access to additional real property through legalized plunder.

Legalized Plunder

Following are fraudulent methods of wealth transfer which turn Producers into Non-producers of varying degrees.

Costless Money

Here is my view of costless money:

“Costless money production is the founding and enabling tool of stealth oppression, which is a cancer that eventually gives birth to open tyranny. Our ignorance of basic economic principles leaves us viewing effects as causes, while the causes always remain hidden from our mind's eye. We fund our own destruction while blaming each other for the pain caused by an ever present, yet unseen enemy.”

Costless money causes a wealth transfer, which is theft. In addition to the government itself, early users of large quantities of costless new money are prime offenders.

When inflating with costless money, the purpose of inflation is to use NEW MONEY to purchase REAL ASSETS at OLD PRICES, thereby causing a wealth transfer from the people who get the new money last, toward the people who get the new money first.

The poor and people on fixed incomes suffer most. They pay for the wealth transfer to Non-producers through loss of purchasing power.


When taxes are collected from one group and given to another, we take from Producers and give to Non-producers.

Whenever someone gets something he didn’t work for, someone else worked for something he didn’t get.


We are taught regulation protects us from big business. This is a fallacy.

In fact, regulation creates barriers to competition and barriers to entry in the marketplace. Prices are higher than they would otherwise be and quality is lower. This causes a wealth transfer through coercion and through the waste of the consumer’s capital by forcing the consumer to overpay for sub-standard products.


Litigation is a bludgeon used by government and established business to suppress competition. In addition to creating barriers similar to regulation, frivolous litigation wastes resources which could have been used more efficiently, which then increases costs to consumers.


I will discuss this in greater detail another time. There are interesting implications that flow from these categories of Production versus Non-production.

Our liberty and prosperity depend on our understanding private property, honest exchange, production and non-production.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

When the economy turns around...

I hear politicians talk about "when the economy turns around", but these comments are based on simple-minded and naive "wishes".

So what will restore prosperity? What will "turn the economy around"?

We must understand that producers exchange with other producers.

As a nation, we have wrongly taught our people that labor is dishonorable.

We have exported our jobs. We have lost generational knowledge in agriculture. We have lost trade skills in industry. We have severely damaged the freedoms that foster small business entrepreneurs.

The time is coming when we can no longer exchange worthless paper for what other nations produce.

Why would a person give you their brand new oil, silver, wheat or lawnmower in exchange for a piece of worthless paper? Our dollar is quickly being recognized for what it is: a worthless piece of paper.

Prosperity follows production.

If you want to see the economy turn around then you must fight for production to be reestablished in our land. This is not optional. It must happen.

Men, we must defend our own production and our private property the same way we defend our wife and children.

We take care of our families by using things that are produced.

Productivity retained in the hands of the producer is the solution.

Its your property. Fight for it. Nothing else will do.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Government Can

Who can take your money, with a twinkle in their eye; Take it all away and give to some other guy... The government, The government can.

Shane Coley for State Senate