Saturday, December 12, 2009

When the economy turns around...

I hear politicians talk about "when the economy turns around", but these comments are based on simple-minded and naive "wishes".

So what will restore prosperity? What will "turn the economy around"?

We must understand that producers exchange with other producers.

As a nation, we have wrongly taught our people that labor is dishonorable.

We have exported our jobs. We have lost generational knowledge in agriculture. We have lost trade skills in industry. We have severely damaged the freedoms that foster small business entrepreneurs.

The time is coming when we can no longer exchange worthless paper for what other nations produce.

Why would a person give you their brand new oil, silver, wheat or lawnmower in exchange for a piece of worthless paper? Our dollar is quickly being recognized for what it is: a worthless piece of paper.

Prosperity follows production.

If you want to see the economy turn around then you must fight for production to be reestablished in our land. This is not optional. It must happen.

Men, we must defend our own production and our private property the same way we defend our wife and children.

We take care of our families by using things that are produced.

Productivity retained in the hands of the producer is the solution.

Its your property. Fight for it. Nothing else will do.

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