Thursday, December 31, 2009

Offended By Silence

Who else is OFFENDED that our leaders are either uninformed about the basic principles of government and production or that they are informed and refuse to stand and fulfill their oath of office?

When we talk about "getting things done" in politics, what do we mean? Are we describing someone who is able to maneuver and succeed in reaching a compromise?

That approach rewards the politician, not the people.

He or she may be rewarded, but as long as we retain the system that confiscates property and reduces production, the people lose.

Our founders warned us about this. Yet we sleep.

As long as the system is allowed to grow, seizing more power and crushing more liberty each year, the politicians are doing our state and citizens no good.

We all know government power and waste increase continually. And we all watch as our agriculture and industry disappear.

Leaders must quit claiming victory when we slow this train down, as it heads for the wall. We have to STOP it.

Some may say that the people will not cooperate and support those in office. I think that is true today, but there are two problems.

First, what the people do or don't do is no excuse for leaders to be ignorant or silent.

Second, we don't know what the people would do if they had leaders bold enough to lead and to teach about the root causes of the problems we face. We should not be surprised when people get tired of trying to solve visible effects rather than root causes.

Think about it:

We ask our soldiers to risk their lives and limbs.

Some of our politicians may sometimes consider risking a little bit of their "political capital".


Yes, I am offended.

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