Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You For A Great Start!

I want to thank each of you who have shared your resources with me as I work to win a senate seat here in Georgia. I will be another voice of reason and courage in our state legislature.

There are good men and women who serve in our state government, but we must do more. We are facing real problems in Georgia. Someone must set the example by plainly speaking about these problems.

We have no more time for political games and leaders who refuse to take risks. I am looking forward to the days when I am able to cross swords with those who oppose plain truth. These people are stealing my children's future. And yours.

I have studied history, economics and other topics for well over a decade because I care deeply about our country. I have learned that we are being attacked from within by subversive forces whose power comes from our own labor, property and production. This is true. I will gladly debate anyone on the subject, any time and any place.

Beyond sending out letters and a few electronic messages, I have been reluctant to ask for campaign funds. The whole process troubles me. The only way I can be satisfied that a contribution is worthwhile is this:

The money we spend has been used, and will be used, to spread a message to the people in the 47th District, and beyond, which can secure our liberty and restore prosperity in our land. I have learned the truth about how our nation is being dismantled and I want to share this with my fellow citizens and legislators. I also want to argue for our liberty and prosperity on the floor of the senate and from the platform afforded a senator.

If this were a business, you might say I have a great product for sale:

The keys to restore liberty and prosperity.

I welcome the support of all who will help spread this message, whether by learning and teaching, directing people to our websites or helping pay the bills.

Thank you to all who have pitched in with time, talent or money. I am blessed, humbled and encouraged by the support.

I want to say a special public thank you to Mike and April Brown. Mike is in Afghanistan serving at the call of our nation. April is home taking care of four beautiful children. Together they share a strong faith in Jesus Christ. They have contributed regularly to this campaign and I am reminded each time how we abuse our military men and women and their families when we refuse to do all we can to defend liberty here at home.

I encourage you to join Mike and April in the fight for liberty. The Mike and April Brown's in our state should not have to spend themselves fighting abroad only to be left to do the same thing over again here at home.

We have already spent more than $18,000 in the campaign. If you want to join us, contributions before December 31 are a big help.



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