Monday, December 5, 2011

Know Stealing

Know Stealing is the culmination of 15 years of research and 5 years of writing, learning more, digging deeper, throwing material away and writing again, always searching for the root causes of our problems as a state and nation.

Know Stealing begins:

"A people or nation that does not understand liberty cannot defend it." 

"I work late and rise early thinking about liberty, production and the nature of things. The stakes are high. Your time is valuable. Please permit me to be direct. We have been deceived, and I know how it was done.
The reader with an open mind, who actively questions everything, including the ideas recorded here, will get the most out of Know Stealing. When you reach the last page, it is my hope that you will have demanded, and that I will have delivered, solid arguments capable of standing under scrutiny and pressure."

Following are a few other excerpts from the introduction:

"... My single objective is to share the very best of what I've learned with those who are willing to open their minds and think, in order to understand how to restore and preserve our great nation as a land of liberty and production. I welcome all challenges with regard to these ideas."

"... The material in this book is powerful. It will teach a bold middle school student all that is necessary to debate and defeat a formally educated economist or an experienced politician. Imagine a magnificent skyscraper that is built on a lie. If a person, even a child, can show that the foundation is a lie, then the whole building has to be an illusion. Many things we believe are true are no more than illusions. Children who study the ideas presented in this book will have a better understanding of the world we live in than most successful and formally educated adults."

"... One of my challenges is to explain where we are wrong in our thinking without unnecessarily offending people. At the same time, I would debate any citizen, businessman, pastor, professor, teacher, leader, political activist, elected official or journalist on these ideas at any time, in any place. The bottom line is that our thinking is extremely mixed up and, in many important areas, just flat out wrong. The errors in our thinking and understanding are costing us our liberty, our homes, our jobs, our retirements and our children's future."

"... Liberty and prosperity are always at stake in every nation for every generation. Eventually bad decisions in the past force a generation to come to terms with the truth about what is necessary to sustain a free society. We are one of those generations. In our case, we can no longer naively depend on past production, new land, old-style immigration, industrialization, available cheap energy and paper wealth to maintain our standard of living."


Know Stealing will shatter preconceived notions and replace them with clear and precise knowledge which is capable of driving restoration in our American Republic in particular, and modern civilization in general. Clearly the preceding statement is bold, but it will hold up under honest critical review. 

With wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage and commitment, we can right the ship and restore prosperity in the United States in a matter of months. The same is true in any society that will genuinely defend individual life, liberty and property.

One of the principle goals of the book is to enable more people to Know Stealing, so that we can enforce a policy of No Stealing. Theft that goes undetected will never be stopped.

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