Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truth, Reason, and Inspiration

"Lies take decades, truth takes a minute." This is a wonderful quote from the book that is indicative of the read. When truth is presented clearly, especially when accompanied by an unobstructed chain of reason, it resonates instantly and last forever. Truth transcends all nationalites, races, cultures, and any other social, economic, or political segment in our world system. All of the subjects presented in Know Stealing qualify as truth based on this merit.
Since wisdom and understanding are more valuable than the treasures of the earth, it no coincidence that after reading Know Stealing we are left with a feeling of enrichment in one of its purest forms. Shane Coley's productive efforts in uncovering this nearly hidden insight and his willingness to compile it in such a way that is simple to understand is a testament the author's diligence, patience, and grace. The parables are great additions to expound the knowledge presented. The content is layered from start to finish to savory perfection. Know Stealing is a baklava of wisdom. 
If read purely as a study of economics, it rivals some of the best books ever written on the subject and should be required reading in economics classes worldwide. 
Most readers will be left with a rekindling of purpose and will to be a part of the solution. Real liberty results from exposure to truth, however with liberty is responsibility of action. Know Stealing has the ability to inspire the leadership that will be necessary to right the wrong that has our nation and our world in disarray.

Know Stealing should be in everyone's library and should be discussed an taught regularly in our homes, churches, schools, and businesses." ~ Cody Murray

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