Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Robbed and Ruled

Care to learn how you are robbed and ruled? In January 2013 an evening class will begin in Statham Ga where we will explain precisely what has happened and precisely what must be done to preserve life, liberty and property in America. 

What people believe guides what they think, which determines their actions, which have immediate consequences and lead to certain outcomes. 

Our beliefs have been in error, and our leaders in the church, business and state have either been deceived or complicit in propagating misunderstanding which has led to our current "fiscal cliff", moral decline, etc., etc.

In this class we will review many proofs that show specific error in translation of a few specific passages from the Bible. This error has twisted and corrupted key aspects of our belief and causes Christians to behave in most un-Christ-like ways. Christians undermine themselves daily because they are deceived and work on behalf of that which they despise.

If these comments seem extreme or offensive, perhaps you are satisfied with where we are. If you are not satisfied, unless you know and can prove (but not in generalities and platitudes) what has put us where we are, then maybe it would be worth your time to come and see what will be covered in this class.

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