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4.1 Five Guys Analogy

4.1        Five Guys Analogy

  Because the intent here is to illustrate principles and specific points, very simple analogies will be used, studied in extremes. More complex models with more variables will confirm the process, given that one has sufficient time and the patience to work through the details.
The ideas are presented in two separate cases of one illustration. The first case will illustrate what the purpose of inflation is NOT and the second case will illustrate what the purpose of inflation IS.

Imagine a country with a currency called a dollar. This country defines their dollar as one-tenth of an ounce of gold. Therefore, each gold ounce is worth ten of this country's dollars.

Defined Value
Ounce of Gold
Ounce of Gold
Ounce of Gold
Ounce of Gold
Ounce of Gold

In this country there are exactly five guys who each have ten ounces of gold. These five guys are the entire population of the country.

Total Value
Ounces of Gold
Ounces of Gold
Ounces of Gold
Ounces of Gold
Ounces of Gold


Ounces of Gold


Imagine that they like using receipt money, so their coins are in a vault.

Total Value

Receipts for
50 Gold Ounces


Let's keep this simple. Imagine that they each grow different varieties of corn and that all corn is priced at $1 per bushel. These gentlemen grow flint corn, dent corn, sweet corn, popcorn and flour corn. Each type of corn is used for different purposes.

Illustrating what the purpose of inflation is NOT...

Here we begin our illustration for the first case. It involves two years.
In this imaginary world, the five guys have an economic summit on January 1st each year. In year one, they meet and then go about their business. In this simple low velocity economy, each man uses his one hundred dollars in receipt money to purchase one hundred bushels of corn.
In year two they meet and decide to “lubricate” their economy so they can be sophisticated like the neighboring countries. They casually ignore the definition of their dollar. They print and immediately distribute an extra one hundred dollars each in receipts, thereby giving each man two hundred dollars.

Total Value

Receipts for
50 Gold Ounces


Has the wealth of their nation increased?

The answer is no. The paper receipt is costless to produce and therefore valueless in its own right. The paper references the same 50 ounces of gold in the vault. Therefore, with double the receipts and no more gold, each receipt is instantly worth half as much.

Has the value of the corn changed?

The answer is no. The corn has the same nutritional value and other value attributes as it did before someone pressed the print button to create extra receipts. Corn is real property with identity and it can be weighed and measured.

Has the price of the corn changed?

The answer is yes. Since the receipts are half as valuable and the corn retains its same value, one now needs to spend two dollars (in terms of inflated receipt money) for each bushel of corn.
How many bushels of corn can each of the five guys purchase with their $200 of old and new receipt money? Corn is $2 a bushel now so they are able to purchase exactly what they could before; 100 bushels of corn. Nothing changed.

Therefore, one can see that inflation serves no purpose if everyone gets the new money on the  same day.

So what is the purpose of inflation?

Illustrating what the purpose of inflation is...

Let’s erase the last two years and start again in year one, this time with a different twist.
This time on January 2nd in year one, one of the five guys decides to become a central banker.
He prints an extra $500 in receipt money, places it on the ledgers in the bank and then borrows it. Instead of $500, all together they now have the same 50 gold ounces, but there is $1000 in receipt money floating around.
Remember in the previous analogy when the new receipts were printed, each of our five guys received his share of the new receipts. Because everyone knew the true ratio of receipts to gold, each of the five guys could go and get his, and only his, gold ounces out of the vault.
But this time, only one farmer, who is also the central banker, will get all the new receipts. Instead of ten, he will have his ten, plus the newly printed duplicate receipts which match the original receipts of his and the other four farmers. He will have 10+50=60 receipts, having a false face value of $600.

Total Value

Receipts for
50 Gold Ounces


Has the wealth of their nation increased?

The answer is no. The paper is costless and therefore valueless in its own right. The paper references the same gold coins and therefore each receipt is now worth half as much. They still have only 50 gold coins in the vault.
Previously, when the other four guys lost half of their purchasing power, they each received additional receipts at no cost which maintained their purchasing power at the same level.
This time, the paper in four of the guy’s pockets lost half of its value, but they received no replacement receipts. Instead, the banker gets all the new receipts. He enjoys an increase in purchasing power at least equal to the loss in purchasing power of the other four guys.

Has the value of the corn changed?

The answer is no. The corn has the same nutritional value and other value attributes as it did before someone pressed the print button to create extra receipts. Corn is real property with identity and it can be weighed and measured.

Has the price of the corn changed?

The answer is yes according to math, but no according to knowledge. Since the receipts are half as valuable and the corn retains its same value, corn should now be priced at two dollars (in terms of inflated receipt money) per bushel. However, the other four guys don't know about the new money so they continue to trade corn at the price of $1 per bushel. Over time, the market will reflect the decrease in purchasing power, but bad things happen along the way.
Consider how this plays out. The banker started with $100 like everyone else, then secretly printed $500 in new receipts. Then he borrowed the extra $500.
The banker now has $600 dollars to spend.
The market will always cause price changes to occur when the money system is manipulated. However, to keep the math simple, let's stipulate that the price changes in our analogy do not occur until the January 1st economic summit a year from now.
In the meantime, the banker is purchasing more corn than normal with the secretly printed new receipt money. The four guys are going to be quiet, but happy, because each thinks that he is making really big money this year as he sells more corn than normal and his account swells from $100 to $200. The other four farmers are thinking about all the extra corn of other varieties they will be able to buy next year. And an imported fishing boat.
For the purpose of illustration, let's specify that each of the four guys winds up with $200 dollars at the end of the year. The banker has $200 from the variety of corn he grew and sold that year along with some trading of the corn he purchased.
The four guys have 100 bushels of corn at the end of the year.
The banker, on the other hand ends the year with 500 bushels of corn.

What Happened?

At the economic summit it quickly becomes clear that the banker has inflated the money supply, which halved the value of the dollar receipts already in existence. The farmers discover they should have been selling corn for $2 a bushel. Since everyone is now aware of the true value of the inflated receipts, in the upcoming year they will only be able to buy 100 bushels of corn with their deceptively big $200 dollar bank account. After all, $200 dollars in receipts are really only worth the same 10 ounces of gold they have in the vault.

What is the Effect?

Since everyone ended up with the same amount of dollars relative to one another, one might conclude there is not really any harm done, but that conclusion would be incorrect. Remember that the banker now has 500 bushels of corn when he should only have 100 bushels.
Next year, the banker will be able to sell 500 bushels of corn at $2 a bushel. With his $1,000 income he will pay off the $500 bank loan and pocket $500 in profit. In that year or the next he will also begin printing more receipts which are not tied to any gold ounces and the process will repeat.
Since no one understood the game yet and the receipts each say that they can be redeemed for one gold ounce, the banker uses his $500 in profit to redeem the gold ounces from the vault. Now the banker has all the gold.
When the other farmers finally catch on, they will come to pick up their gold, but it is already gone. The solution for the banker is to pass a law that says it is illegal to own gold and all transactions must take place using the receipt money he is creating.

Purpose of Inflation

So now we can see the purpose of inflation.

“When inflating with costless money, the purpose of inflation is to use NEW MONEY to purchase REAL ASSETS at OLD PRICES, thereby causing a wealth transfer from the people who get the new money last, toward the people who get the new money first.” ~ Shane Coley


When inflating with costless money, the purpose of inflation is to use THE BANKER'S NEW RECEIPT MONEY to purchase THE FARMER'S $2 CORN at THE OLD CORN PRICE OF $1,
thereby causing a wealth transfer from the four farmers who get the new money last, toward the banker who gets the new money first. After the banker has the corn, he sells it for cash and then takes all the gold.

Observe the illustration closely. Remember when the new receipts were created in the first case and all the guys received the new money at the same time? In that case no one's purchasing power changed. Prices doubled, but everyone had twice as much money, so the purchasing power was unchanged. The new receipts were meaningless.
In the second case only the banker knew about the new money. No one else suspected prices should be doubled.
Since in both cases the new receipts decreased the purchasing power of the other four guys, whose money was the banker actually handing over when he made his purchases of corn?
The banker was actually giving the other four guys their own money back again and taking the fruits of their labor at the same time.
The banker was buying the farmer's corn with the farmer's own money!
What does this mean for those who are members of a society which operates under an inflationary monetary system? Whoever gets the new money first has artificially increased his purchasing power, and that increase is paid for by the people who get the new money later. This is how our savings and retirements disappear.
The new money is used to purchase real property, like the corn, from the producer, using the producer's own purchasing power. It is no different than the banker just coming and taking the farmer's corn by force, except this method gets the job done in secret using differing weights and measures.
Perhaps these illustrations help explain this popular quote attributed to a past Chairman of the Bank of England:

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” ~ Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928).

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Know Stealing Chapter 7.2 A Resolution

Declaration of Knowledge of and Commitment to
The Foundations and Principles of Liberty

LET IT BE KNOWN that the undersigned believe governments are to be instituted among men to SECURE the NATURAL RIGHTS of LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY.

Citizens of the United States of America have been deprived of the knowledge of the Foundations and Principles of Liberty over at least the past Century. Today even our older generation lacks wisdom, knowledge and understanding that our younger generation and our nation need. With extremely rare exceptions, none of us, including our business leaders, elected officials, ministers, doctors, lawyers or farmers have the understanding needed to secure our Liberty and our Future as a state or nation.

Essential knowledge and understanding has been trained out of our public speech and thought.

We must learn to think in terms of centuries, production and human nature.

No nation which institutes a system based on Differing Weights, Differing Measures or Unjust Judgments has ever remained intact; these nations always collapse.

We have been trained by government schools and media to focus on effects, rather than causes.

We must learn that whoever understands root causes will rule.

We must learn that those who do not understand root causes will be ruled.

We must learn that power comes from possessing or controlling the means and resources to act.

The means and resources to act come from Producers.

Differing Weights, Differing Measures and Unjust Judgments grant free and unrestricted access to Production, which is Unlawfully Confiscated and used to Rule the People.

No other issue matters as long as the Government and favored business has unrestricted access to the Labor and Property of a nation’s Producers. Those who believe the answer is found in worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can be certain that mature worship is not present in a nation which permits legal plunder, without so much as a whimper in protest.

A renowned banker once said “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.” He was right.

A Legislature that can silently and deceptively take your Property without your Consent, will take your property without your consent, and often without your knowledge.

Essential Knowledge

WHEREAS Scripture says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” (Hosea 4:6, NASB95)

WHEREAS Thomas Jefferson stated “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”; and

WHEREAS George Washington stated “Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”; and

WHEREAS Ronald Reagan communicated in his first inaugural address that Government is the Problem and Productivity is the Solution; and

WHEREAS excessive Government size, scope and power destroy Life, Liberty and Property; and

WHEREAS excessive Government size, scope and power are the result of Theft and Deception which grant unhindered access to Production through Costless Money, which leads to Corruption of the Legislature; and

WHEREAS the stated goal of George Washington’s Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, was to Confuse the People and Corrupt the Legislature; and

WHEREAS Alexander Hamilton was successful in Confusing the People and Corrupting the Legislature because he was allowed to use Differing Weights, Differing Measures and Unjust Judgment to gain unhindered access to other people’s Production; then

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that BECAUSE the SECURITY of the LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY of Citizens of GEORGIA and the UNITED STATES depends on a widespread and popular understanding of MONEY SYSTEMS and PRODUCTION; and

The importance of the CONTROL of PRODUCTION to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY demands an explanation;

Life, Liberty, Property, Production, Abundance and Prosperity have relationships that we must know, understand and remember to live well and govern well;

Therefore these important ideas which are required to establish the foundation for a strong and prosperous Georgia are herein stated:

Life, Liberty, Property

WHEREAS Life, Liberty and Property are gifts from God which precede all human legislation and are superior to it; and

WHEREAS Individual Liberty necessarily includes secure ownership of private Property; and


WHEREAS Authority is the Permitted Power to Act; and

WHEREAS Power comes from Production; and

WHEREAS Oppressive Power comes from Control of Production; and

WHEREAS Transfer of Production is transfer of Authority; and


WHEREAS People depend on Production for Life, Health, Happiness and Security; and

WHEREAS Liberty and Property are combined with Labor which results in Production; and

WHEREAS Production is the only source of our Food, Shelter and Clothing; and

WHEREAS Production is the source of the Means and Resources to Act; and

WHEREAS We must eat to live and live to think, therefore Thought relies on Production; and

WHEREAS People depend on things which are Produced to meet all physical needs; and

WHEREAS People desire Prosperity; and

WHEREAS Production results in Abundance, and Abundance leads to Prosperity; and

WHEREAS Prosperity comes before popular access to Leisure, Luxury and Learning; and


WHEREAS A Prosperous society must understand the difference between Government and Law, let us therefore know and understand that;

WHEREAS People depend on Production, but Government Produces nothing and Wastes much; and

WHEREAS Excessive Government power is founded on Differing Weights, Differing Measures and Unjust Judgments which are an abomination to God and which violate the 8th Commandment and secular law against theft; and

WHEREAS The Natural Order dictates that things which are useful for the General Welfare can ONLY come from Producers who ACTUALLY make useful things; and

WHEREAS Service jobs and leisure activities are dependent on Production; and

WHEREAS Government imposed Taxation, Regulation, Litigation and Inflation reduce Production which destroys Prosperity and makes society poorer; and

WHEREAS Excessive Taxation, Regulation, Litigation and Inflation are DESTRUCTIVE to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY; and

WHEREAS Inflation rewards theft and deception while punishing thrift and savings; and

WHEREAS Inflation harms the most vulnerable in our society; and

WHEREAS It is not the Right, Role or Purpose of government to reduce Production or Confiscate Property from Producers to give to others; and

WHEREAS Authority is a FORCE and Law is a STANDARD; and

WHEREAS Authority is subject to Law and Law is subject to Justice; and

WHEREAS Centralization of Power and Authority by force and deception are Unjust and therefore Unlawful; and

WHEREAS Government is authority which is subject to Just Law; and


WHEREAS Production retained in the hand of the Producer ensures a Balance of Power in society based on efficient use of scarce resources and voluntary market relationships; and

WHEREAS Most genuine Producers are Generous and Wise people; and

WHEREAS It is the Right of the Producer to willingly give gifts to those in need; and

WHEREAS Government Produces nothing and Wastes much; and

WHEREAS Confiscated Property is necessarily the Fruit of Another Person's Production; and

WHEREAS Production necessarily requires Time; and

WHEREAS The confiscation of Time is equal to the confiscation of Life; and

WHEREAS The confiscation of Life includes the confiscation of Liberty; and

WHEREAS Producers are being forced to fund both our society’s destruction and the unlawful  actions of unrestrained Government; and

WHEREAS Government is not Securing individual LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY; and

THEREFORE Government is Stealing and Destroying LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY; thus

LET IT BE KNOWN that unlawful interventionist GOVERNMENT is the PROBLEM and PRODUCTIVITY retained in the hands of the PRODUCER is the SOLUTION; and it is the NATURAL RIGHT and DUTY of each person to search out a BASIS upon which a JUST SOCIETY which defends Individual LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY can be organized.

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QAnon's Laser Focus in the Information Age

Below I have written a few comments for context followed by chapter 6.3 Information Age from Know Stealing.

A growing number of people are familiar with #QAnon, which purports to be a small group of high clearance people in powerful positions who have rejected certain evil actions of members of an elite class who presently hold great power, sufficient to be above the law.

It should no longer be doubtful that there is an elite class that transcends national governments, otherwise global markets could not be shuttered so uniformly in such a short period of time, especially when the issue appears to be much more so a manipulation of data than a contagion. In addition, other facets of a known agenda which are being advanced globally suggest there is a plan for which the plandemic is a pretext.

The context for this post is multifaceted.

First, Q seems to have inside information, and the potential ability to follow through on certain kinds of warfare and cleanup that would conceivably be necessary to prevent powerful people from engaging in the drug trade, human trafficking, sex slavery, pedophilia, and propagation of lies that lead to other harms via water supplies, vaccines, and other effective sources.

Second, we don't yet know whether this Q group is really a "white hat" or just masquerading as such. As I recall, in his book Diplomacy Henry Kissinger wrote about something he called "Foreign Availability"  (I will refer to this as HK-FA.) His example was about China and computers, but the logic can be mapped to information. The idea is that an infiltrator or adversary must agree with everything that a target already knows, even if the knowledge is harmful to the adversary's goals. Having gained credibility, and being established inside the target, the adversary is able to redirect, misdirect, reclassify, and otherwise hinder the target's understanding and actions. This notion is also sometimes referred to as "controlled opposition."

Third, as noted above, Q seems to potentially have the advantage of inside information, authority, and power. This is significant and any competing effort that has not these things would require substitutes, which do exist.

Fourth, if Q is found to be advancing deception to suppress liberty minded people during this massive global transition, then I want to call on those who are hoping for the best from this entity to actually do what Q has been claiming to do.  This is achievable and the foundation for success is found in part in the pages of the book Know Stealing.

I refer now to the key concept in this post, which is the point of a chapter from Know Stealing.  Q has, in essence, used aggregated power and potentially inside knowledge to achieve what this chapter states is necessary to effect change in this age.

6.3 Information Age

The PEN and the PRESS

Young Genius walked out by the mountain and streams,
Entranced by the power of his own pleasant
dreams, Till the silent – the wayward – the wandering thing
Found a plume that had fallen from a passing bird's wing,
Exulting and proud, like a boy at his play,
He bore the new prize to his dwelling away,
He gazed for a while on its beauties, and then
He cut it, and shaped it, and called it – a PEN.

But its magical use he discovered not yet,
Till he dipp'd its bright lips in a fountain of jet;
And O! What a glorious thing it became,
For it spoke to the world in a language of flame;
While its master wrote on, like a being inspired,
Till the hearts of the millions were melted or fired; -
It came as a boon and a blessing to men,
The peaceful – the pure – the victorious PEN!

Young Genius went forth on his rambles once more,
The vast sunless caverns of earth to explore!
He searched the rude rock, and with rapture he found
A substance unknown, which he brought from the ground;
He fused it with fire, and rejoiced in the change,
As he molded the ore into characters strange,
Till his thoughts and his efforts were crown'd with success;
For an engine uprose, and he call'd it – the PRESS.

The Pen and the Press, blest alliance!  combin'd
To soften the heart and enlighten the mind;
For that to the treasures of knowledge gave birth,
And this sent them forth to the ends of the earth;
Their battles for truth were triumphant indeed,
And the rod of the tyrant was snapp'd like a reed;
They were made to exalt us – to teach us to bless
Those invincible brothers – the PEN and the PRESS

Edmund  Burke  (1729-1797)  was  an  Irish  elected  official  serving  in  the  British  House  of Commons. Burke became an influential thought leader by writing broadly into an information vacuum. At a time when people were usually left in the dark, Burke published speeches and other writings which informed the people about certain actions of government. For example, Burke was a vocal supporter of the cause of the American Revolutionaries.

Edmund Burke published papers where there were none, and the people received vital information that was otherwise unavailable.

Today we have just the opposite problem. We live in the information age where people are flooded with information. The result is that people are unable to receive vital information because it is lost in a flood of trivial information.

In the days of Edmund Burke the ruling class simply agreed together to be silent. Today the ruling class controls information in part by flooding us with entertainment, propaganda, trivia, misguided teaching and worthless news.

Today the task of conveying true and useful information involves much more than simply publishing it.

The first great challenge in the information age is to find the ancient paths and foundational truth which are buried under the rubble of institutions, education, propaganda and entertainment. The second great task is to  focus  foundational  knowledge  like  a  laser  which  will  penetrate the  barrier  of  trivia,  entertainment  and diversion, so that people may again receive vital information that is otherwise lost.

Fortunately,  wisdom,  knowledge  and  understanding  are  capable  of  filtering  out  most  of  the  noise, propaganda and lies which flood our information, entertainment and education systems. Liberty will never have a louder voice, brighter colors or a bigger foot print than the institutional media, but liberty can take away their audience by education. The more one learns about the history and nature of systems of plunder, the dumber the media and pundits look.

“Buy  truth,  and  do  not  sell  it,  Get  wisdom  and  instruction  and  understanding.”  (Proverbs  23:23, NASB95)

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What's In It For Me?

I spent fifteen years working to understand what was happening to us as a state and nation. As a part of that process, I asked those who should have known, but they had few answers and little understanding. It turns out we live in a system that certifies, recognizes and awards people who are unwitting parrots. These are often very nice people with good intentions...

I also spent time learning how to teach others. Teaching others is an extremely challenging task because the truth is so contrary to what people are conditioned to believe. Not only are the ideas contrary, but there is a chain of events that must be followed in order to understand what is happening to our once free society.

I wrote and organized Know Stealing as a package of all the best examples and ideas I discovered in communicating the truth about what our generation is facing. If one aspect of the story doesn't resonate with you, perhaps another will. Nearly anyone who will take time to read the book will learn profitable things that are not commonly known.

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3.2 Money Is A System

Chapter 3, Section 2, Know Stealing

3.2 Money Is A System

Money is not what people tend to think it is. General confusion about money opens the door for the earnings of producers to be silently stolen - in broad daylight.

Are Coins and Dollar Bills Money?

  Coins and dollar bills are part of a money system, but they are not money. They are money tokens. Being a money token is like being a car tire.
  A tire is not a car, but it is part of a car.
  The definition of money based on practical reality prevents us from calling coins and dollar bills money. A token is not money. A token has no meaning outside of a money system. At the same time, the money system depends on money tokens to interact with people.
  It is the token along with all other parts of the system that when combined together are money.


  Think about some of the tokens we regularly use...
  If a quarter is twenty-five percent of a dollar, what does that mean? How can a metal token be twenty-five percent of a paper token? Is a sledgehammer twenty-five percent of a book? The question doesn't even make sense.
  Is a quarter twenty-five percent of a silver dollar? A one ounce silver dollar is lately worth between $30 and $50. Does that mean that a current US quarter is worth between $7.50 and $12? No.
  Why is the ounce of silver in a silver dollar worth a different amount than the value stamped on the coin? How can a 2011 silver American Eagle have $1 stamped on the outside, while the coins sell every day for $30 or more?
  If you deposit a silver dollar in a bank your account will be credited $1. If you take the same dollar to a buyer of silver he will pay the silver price, which currently ranges from $30 to $50 an ounce.
  Why is a one dollar bill valued differently than a five dollar bill, when they are just alike except for the number printed on the bill?
  Tokens are ever-changing tools of plunder which are a small part of a money system.

Money Is Not...

  To understand what money is, we need to first understand what money is not.

  Money is not a substance. If it were, then it could be weighed. If you were going to weigh money, what would you weigh? Would you weigh the paper or the coin? What would the weights mean?
  Money is not an element. If it were an element, it would be defined by protons, neutrons and electrons.
  Money is not an object. Most units of money are ledger entries or data on a computer hard drive.
  A ledger entry can point to a cow or an acre of land. In that case, the entry is an item on an inventory list. But with money, the inventory is out of balance from the beginning.
  If too many people come for their silver at the same time, the lie is exposed. That is known as a bank run. Eventually there is no inventory. That is known as Central Banking.
  Magnetic bits on a computer hard drive store all data for a computer. So which magnetic bit is money? And when the bit is set for some other file, is that bit still money?
  Of course the hard drive bit never was money. It is a part of the record of an obligation known as a debt. On one side of the obligation is your home or car or business. On the other side of the obligation is a bit on storage media that last week was an email or a picture of some banker's fishing trip. Today it is a record of your commitment of real property in exchange for a banker's commitment of nothing but a record keeping system that churns out money units from nothing.
  Money has no clear definition. Money is loosely and deceptively defined as anything the bankers and government can convince people to use as tokens in a record keeping system. Remember the list of synonyms for money?

Money Is A System

  Money is not an object.

  Money is a system.

  Money is a system of record keeping that is designed to capture wealth, centralize power, centralize authority and rule people. The objects we sometimes refer to as money are actually tokens in a record-keeping system. Without the system, the token would be worthless in exchange, except in terms of the tiny usefulness of the cheap material from which the token is made.
  National currencies are tokens in a monetary system. A token from one country is rarely accepted in daily exchange for goods in other countries. Canadian dollars would not be accepted at McDonald's in South Carolina. The Canadian tokens only have meaning within the Canadian money system.
  Only a small percentage of the trillions of US dollars are ever in the form of coins or paper bills. The tokens are only a small part of the overall money system.
  Banks issue loans which create new units of money from nothing. These loans are entries on a ledger that indicate a borrower has agreed to either pay back the money units plus interest, or else forfeit his property which is pledged as collateral.
  When checks are written or debit cards are used, the ledger entries change from bank to bank and customer to customer, but no tokens are ever involved. This is sometimes referred to as checkbook money.
  What we tend to think of as money are only worthless tokens. The real power and nature of money is in the system.
  Money is a system that uses an ever-changing combination of tokens and ledger entries to plunder productive people who are forced to use the system through illegitimate law.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Robbed and Ruled

Care to learn how you are robbed and ruled? In January 2013 an evening class will begin in Statham Ga where we will explain precisely what has happened and precisely what must be done to preserve life, liberty and property in America. 

What people believe guides what they think, which determines their actions, which have immediate consequences and lead to certain outcomes. 

Our beliefs have been in error, and our leaders in the church, business and state have either been deceived or complicit in propagating misunderstanding which has led to our current "fiscal cliff", moral decline, etc., etc.

In this class we will review many proofs that show specific error in translation of a few specific passages from the Bible. This error has twisted and corrupted key aspects of our belief and causes Christians to behave in most un-Christ-like ways. Christians undermine themselves daily because they are deceived and work on behalf of that which they despise.

If these comments seem extreme or offensive, perhaps you are satisfied with where we are. If you are not satisfied, unless you know and can prove (but not in generalities and platitudes) what has put us where we are, then maybe it would be worth your time to come and see what will be covered in this class.