Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soil and Liberty

Our nation is at a crossroad. We are facing the potential collapse of our currency and the following disintegration of our society. There are technical reasons this is true. Some mainstream financial advisors take this position. Certain economists take this position.

Our security depends on knowledge. Please consider the following ideas.


Imagine a Wall Street hedge fund manager who has acquired millions of dollars in the previous year. Imagine if he sold everything of value he had, including house, clothes, cars, etc. and only held dollars. Imagine that he never traded those dollars for anything. He just held his dollars.

Is he wealthy?

Or is he hungry and cold?

He cannot eat, wear or be sheltered by his dollars. Unwilling to part with his dollars and having no other property, he is a man in poverty.

This would also be true if he held a currency that no producers would accept in exchange for goods and services. This is the current situation for Zimbabwe Dollars.


Let’s say our Wall Street banker finds this situation to be untenable.

He is hungry and cold.

So he buys food, shelter and clothing. These are all directly or indirectly based on products which come from the soil.

The people who produced these things live in houses, wear clothes and eat food which are dependent on soil.

So, even the Wall Street banker has nothing if he only has dollars. And even the Wall Street banker is directly dependent on soil.

All nations are agrarian or have agrarian dependencies, whether they know it or not.

Only a fool believes a nation can survive without a strong agricultural base.

Only an enemy would undermine a nation's agricultural base.

Our agriculture and industry have been undermined.


Have you ever noticed that everything we do or use relies on production?

Consider the following questions:

Can we agree that if a person stops eating, he will die?

Can we agree that if a person is dead, he no longer thinks, at least temporally speaking?

Can we then agree that thought relies on food?

Can we agree food must be produced?

Can we then conclude that thought relies on production?

If thought relies on production, can you name even one thing that you do or use that does not rely on production?


Teaching can be edifying or destructive. One can be taught to build or to tear down.

If teachers have a desire to promote and support the teaching profession or society as a whole, they must teach production.

If a teacher simply wants to be guaranteed a certain quantity of paper tickets, like dollars, perhaps they should move to Zimbabwe. People in Zimbabwe have plenty of paper tickets. Of course the people starve, but even the poorest person has vast quantities of worthless paper money.

Perhaps teachers actually want valuable incomes so that they can enjoy food, shelter, clothes, relationships and leisure activities.

If food, shelter and clothing are what the teachers want, they should NOT lobby the government for guaranteed quantities of dollars. Instead, since everything we do or use relies on production, they should teach the students how to be productive.

Anything that interferes with the freedom to teach students how to be net productive should be considered an enemy of the teacher, student and society.


I have noticed that people eat food and use things.

The government produces nothing and wastes much.

Government has nothing to give.

Everything we do or use relies on production.

Through taxation, regulation, litigation and inflation, government reduces the quantity of production, which makes us all poorer.

The things we use must be produced.

I have noticed producers exchange with producers. Paper money which has been devalued and made worthless will not be accepted by a producer. Our dollars will soon be worthless, which means producers will not accept our dollars in exchange for what they have produced.

We have destroyed agriculture and industry in our nation.

We are losing generational knowledge and trade skills.

We can no longer produce adequate quantities of what we need and want.


Paper money is poverty. Electronic money is death. All nations which debase their currency have collapsed.

Unless we learn the truth about production and the truth about money, we will lose our liberty and prosperity. Unmistakable poverty and tyranny will take its place.

Dollars are worthless and useless in their own right. We must understand the true foundations of liberty, beginning with soil and production. Otherwise, when dollars can no longer be exchanged for production, we will witness the disintegration of the United States as we know it.

Every man, woman and child must learn and teach the truth about production and the truth about money.

If we do that, the United States of America will again be strong, prosperous and free.

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