Sunday, November 16, 2008

Banking Conference - Introduction

I attended a banking conference last week. The conference and the people will remain unnamed for the following reasons. Many of the ideas presented, by students and professionals alike, are rooted in the reality that the people are trapped in a system which dares anyone to step out of line. The teaching they have received, the workplace they enter and the system in which they labor; all these present, indeed demand defense of a fa├žade which is not founded on truth. Some of the people may understand the truth and yet feel unable to acknowledge it. Others may be under the false impression that what they have been taught is ethical. And, of course, there will be some who know the truth and join in to defend the system because of self interest, benefiting themselves at the hidden expense of other people.

In any case, names will be left out of this discussion because our interest is not to assail or offend, but rather to support those who long for an ethical money system and especially to support those who would desire the same, if they understood that the system we have is quite simply founded on theft and bent on destruction.

I believe that many of those who were present do long for a system that is ethical and edifying, or would, provided they understood our current monetary system is the opposite.

I will simply refer to this event as “the banking conference”.

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