Thursday, November 27, 2008

End The Fed - November 22 2008

You all saw the news last Saturday and in the days leading up to the major nationwide protest to End the Fed, right?

This protest in 39 cities across the nation was planned for months. This is the kind of civil unrest the major media search for to make exciting news and inform the public of critical issues, right?

You mean you didn't hear about this giant rally and protest?

Regardless of how you feel about the Federal Reserve System, why would this nationwide event not make the major news coverage?

Maybe the economy is not a front-burner issue these days... People have other things on their mind... The media wants to focus on things that we are interested in now. It's not like we have seen trillions of dollars evaporate from the retirement and investments of most US citizens and many people around the world.

Talking about the End The Fed rally

News about the End the Fed rally

Anthony Gregory's rally day speech This is an excellent read.

End The Fed

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