Monday, December 10, 2012

Know Stealing Class - Statham, Ga - January 2013

Know Stealing Class - Statham, Ga - January 2013

After several years of work and patience in developing credible standing, and as I am rotating out of church leadership, I presented the deacon leadership of First Baptist Statham with a proposal to teach a class based on the contents of Know Stealing. They took one month for consideration and then, with encouragement, approved the proposal. I am thankful and appreciate their position and courage.

This class will be open to all. The expense will be a few dollars to cover materials. We welcome anyone who would like to come and participate.

The length of the class is to be determined as the discussion unfolds, based on the interest and merits of the material being covered. A workbook will be developed in the process which will eventually be made available for others to teach the same material.

The tentative times are either Tuesday or Thursday at 6PM and the class duration will be 1 hour. For those interested in participating, if other times are better for you, please convey those to me either here or by email.

Since this is a discovery process with regard to how best to organize the material and time, we will consider extending the class duration according the wishes of the class members and effectiveness of additional time. The overall length of the class will also be discovered in the process, based on interaction with the class.

Your feedback is welcomed and will be appreciated.